One of the last human survivors, you find yourself stranded on an uninhabited island. With a few other victims of the crash, can you craft, mine, and build your way to survival? Trailer for the game Aground.


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The Armies of Humankind have always hunted down and destroyed Dragons.

Dragons tried to distance themselves from Humans, retreating further and further into the wilderness. Even then, the cruel humans did not relent. Instead they hunted the Dragons to near extinction.

As far as you know, you are the last one. NOW... the humans are coming for you!

In the freezer



We have been wanting to do a game more complex than Trump Jump and Sketcher-D for a while now, but since SnöBox Studio only consists of 3 people at the moment, it's been hard to see a larger project through to the end. What we're hoping to do this time is make an alpha version of the full game, scaled back slightly to include only the main features of the game, and release it on free platforms such as Kongregate, Newgrounds and Armor Games. If we get enough interest from the free version (and enough money to pay our programmer) we have lots planned for the full version of the game, which we would like to release on Steam.

Hive Mind: alpha is a side-scrolling RTS/Defense game with basic resource gathering, combat and building. The game is set on an alien planet and the player controls a "Queen" alien creature that must protect it's power source by building a hive and cloning itself to create defensive units. Each of these actions cost resources, which can be gathered by killing enemies.

We have made some decent progress on Hive Mind, but eventually it became a bigger project than we had planned. We had to put this one back in the freezer for now and try something simpler... stay tuned.




A duel between players (1v1, 2v2 or FFA), set in a ring/arena. The ring is a pentagon with 5 portals. One portal, on each side, opening into the arena. The player’s view will be first-person, there will be 5 different races with a male and female version of each. This game straddles the line between a few different genres; RTS, FPS, RPG and MMO (minus the ‘massive’ part, for now).

Conjure is a series of game ideas we've come up with, playing off of the same world/story in different ways. The world of Mystraal is divided into 5 factions; to avoid warring, every year, all of the races send champions to compete in the arena - the victor is declared the greatest fighter in all of Mystraal. 

We plan on releasing a demo version of the game first, to get the framework and network running; the demo will only include two different characters to play as, but it will have the full functionality of the FINAL product, aside from the characters. Below is one example of a character that will be in the demo version. We think it would look pretty great as a card game too! ;)



The Artist;

Aaron has been an artist, professionally, for over 20 years. As a part of DPI Studios, he was able to work with big names like Blizzard and White Wolf Publishing. On his own, as a freelance artist, he has been a part of many projects; creating game assets, drawing comics (notably, the NPC series on, “All The Colours of The Rainbow” and Aground).

Follow @aron_ato on Instagram and Twitter for behind the scenes, animations, sketches and more!

The administrator;

And "jack-of-all-trades", Sabrina Stuckless manages our SnöBox website, social media accounts and any outreach we do. She has also been doing some rogue ad campaigns and How To videos.