Defend yourself for as long as possible by tapping on red, yellow or blue chevrons. 
There are primary coloured enemies (which only take one colour to destroy), and secondary coloured enemies (which require you to tap the correct colour combination to destroy)!

Collect bonuses like health, shields and bomb to last longer. You can also try different difficulties to suit your skill level. If there's interest, we would LOVE to implement a global high-score list (as well as the local high-scores we have currently); so you can know FOR CERTAIN you're the best player around! Click the link below to try it out; this is an Android exclusive launch.


Get out on the campaign trail and chase those votes into the sky, with "Trump Jump: The Game". This game is a (very slight) twist on doodle jump; a vertical jumper, themed to the 2016 US presidential election. We, in no way, support Trump; he's just fun to draw. We made this game in partnership with Fresh and Ugly LLC. check them out by clicking -> here.

This game is available for free by clicking any one of the buttons below (and forgive us, it was our first);