July 2017



Development has started on a new game, which we hope can be completed quicker than Hive Mind. Unfortunately, our problem seems to be too big of a vision. We would like to stay relevant and produce a few games that can garner attention and then ride that attention to something bigger.


However, the problem of finances always arises. Due to the fact that Aaron and I are not programmers, we have to hire someone to fulfill that role. Without a programmer, we have only our mounting pile of game documents and game assets. To hire that programmer, Aaron has to find free-lance art jobs that pay... decently... but take up a lot of our mutual time that could be spent making the games we want to make. 


This is not just a matter of "we want to do our own thing"; we really think we could make some good games. 
I have re-vamped the Patreon page and I will be posting snippets of game documents we have in-progress and trying to keep that page active. It's hard to find the balance between posting things into the void for "paid content" and posting things for free to get attention for the Patreon page.


Sigh. Such is life.


January 2017

Hive mind: alpha

We have officially announced our next game - Hive Mind: alpha. Visit our homepage for more details. http://www.snobox.net/#coming-soon

Work has begun on programming and we will release updates here, on our website and on Newgrounds account.

hive mind cover-FINAL.png



We have finally released Sketcher-D!! After months in the freezer, we finally found the time to complete this fun time-waster!

Put your skills and reflexes to the test with this game; defend yourself as long as possible by tapping on red, yellow or blue chevrons. Collect bonuses like health, shields and bomb to last longer. You can also try different difficulties to suit your skill level.

If there's interest, we would LOVE to implement a global highscore list (as well as the local highscores we have currently)!

Special thanks to our programmer Fletcher St. Germain!!



We've officially launched our Patreon page! Check out patreon.com/snoboxstudio to learn more about us! :)


July 2016


We intended this release as a fun, topical game to test the waters of game distribution; this being the first game we've taken fully to completion. We've had some successes and a lot of setbacks, but it was a good learning experience. A big thank you to everyone who downloaded, played, rated and reviewed the game (especially the good reviews, but also bad ones with good criticism). Click on one of the four buttons below to try it out!